3d visualizations of the garden making-of

3d visualizations of the garden making-of

Hello, as we promised here you are the making-of. Today we present  3d visualizations of the garden. Very simple video showing the transition from model to the final image.

Usually we divide work on such architectural visualizations to 4 parts:

  1. modeling – land and buildings, vegetation, small architectural forms.
  2. adding  of materials – sometimes very complicated to get a natural look, eg. leaves.
  3. inserting objects in the scene – we use so many instance as we can. This saves RAM and potentially gigantic scene can be rendered on the graphics card without any problem.
  4. rendering – we use Blender Cycles as rendering engine does not have a lot of sliders and options but still selecting the appropriate settings takes some time.
  5. post-production – the raw rendering beautification. This process is very easy when we divide render to few plans and render additional passes. So you can control many aspects of the image. From the depth of field to the amount and strength of reflections.

We invite you to watch the simple video:

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